Bezar is an online marketplace for modern design, and where people who design special things connect with people who desire special things. As production lead at Bezar I manage all daily production and creative needs for the company. I prepare every sale to go live, check copy, create beautiful imagery and graphics and make sure everything is perfect for our vendors and our customers.

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Logo and branding for Lavacqua, a new beauty company in-the-making that offers a hair rinse made from volcanic water with added botanicals, proven to improve health, texture and color of hair and even help against issues like alopecia.

In this ongoing project, I have designed the company’s logo, and developed the brand color palette and typography guidelines. I have also design the bottle labels and product brochure. I also acted as the lifestyle photographer and editor for the brand imagery.


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Queer by Design was a log and design project bringing apparel and accessories marked by a fresh symbol for the queer community. The “Q” brings a refined yet inclusive visual symbol to the multi-faceted group it represents. Queer by Design harnesses the power of design to promote change and progress. If we must have labels, let’s make them ours.

I was the founder and designer for this project. I began with the logo design and decided to teach myself to screen print and make them into t-shirts. This soon became a collection with various color combinations, building my own website and e-commerce shop, shooting and editing my own lifestyle and product photography, and being featured in GO Magazine, and Curve Magazine.

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