I am an artist and designer living and working in New York City. I like to get my hands dirty and makes things in the studio, but I also love clean and accessible design. 

I was born in New York City and grew up on a small farm in New Jersey riding horses. As a dual citizen of the US and Italy, my memories and experiences in Sicily have come to be influential to my point of view as an artist and designer. Currently, I am pursuing any exciting creative opportunities I can get my hands on and feeding my coffee addiction.


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Artist Statement

You will never meet any of the women in my work, although they are quite real. They are not portraits or self-portraits or characters. They are beautiful and strange, exposed but strong, and not quite any one person in particular. The women in my work are examined glimpses of the vital and fragile beings within all of us. They are caught in a moment of real human existence, with both external and internal selves visualized together in one image. I find beauty in that tension, those brief seconds when our hidden selves show at the surface. I see these moments within myself, in my mother and grandmothers, in my partner and in my friends. I paint and photograph nude women to display human vulnerability and consciousness through my own experience as a woman. A naked female body is still most often viewed as either a victim or a sexual object. I feel the need to continue visualizing exposed and struggling women until they can be viewed with the nuances of human existence rather than in such binary extremes.

I am compelled by the tactility of using different materials and integrating them into my paintings and photographs. I use wax, paint, thread and wire to encase the figures in an emotional landscape. I use figurative imagery and combine it with delicate but disturbing treatments of mixed materials to create a sense of isolation and intimacy. I am fascinated by the way we are each constantly transitioning and yet are ever more tethered to other people, to places, or to our own memories. I often create movement and a sense of time by using blurred images, layering multiple exposures, or using multiple layers of paint in my pieces.